Sunday, May 31, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

In my last post I shared I stated that we're doing music videos in our G.T. class and I'm back again to share with you more about it. As you know, on my team is Justice, Maceo, and Maya. In order for us to have created our fantastic music video we all had to contribute something. Maya has been working behind the camera getting great shots, as well as editing our video. Maceo helps out with the editing while also playing one of our main characters.  Justice contributes to the ideas and the creativity we put into the video and playing another main character. We all helped out with the props and costumes used in video and I helped with editing and the camera work.

I believe that our audience will enjoy the creativity the most in our video. We created a story not very realistic, but fun as well as funny. The costumes we used were meant to mimic the clothes they wore in the 70's, while those of our "Swag Disciples" was meant to stay modern and boring. Certain parts in our story are a bit repetitive, but we used different shot types to create d
iversity in throughout our video. Our story may need seem like much, but we still worked to make it clear and entertaining for the audience.

Our music video shows what we learned this year because you see the creativity, effects, as well as shot types. This year we learned a lot about making creative things with our projects while following the rules and this video shows how you can take a creative idea and make something really worthwhile and still follow the rules. We used effects on some of the scenes and we made sure they weren't too overwhelming, making them match with what was happening, and to make certain things pop. Some of these effects reflected on the edited skills we built upon this year in G.T.

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